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                                       STANDING SEAM ROOFING MACHINES

                                                        Rollformers From KBS Are The Answer
                                                                                            To Today's Competive Market!
On-Site Rollforming
All products featured in this section are available with mounting which facilitates
rollforming right at the job-site.
Mobile Rollforming eliminates dimensional errors,
shipping damage, short shipments and scrap losses. It saves on
packaging and freight
costs; allows for continuous panels to cover the full length of  the roof without end laps
or splicing; assures greater watertightness; makes it possible to adjust the width of the
panels to meet varied conditions and specifications; all of which offer tremendous cost
savings! All products are ideal for both new construction or retrofits.

KBS can provide you with:

  • Training
  • Service
  • Testing
  • Engineering
  • Pre-Owned Equipment
  • Lease Purchase Program

Available Options:
(See machine spec sheets for availability)

*Stiffening Beads                            *Trailer                            * 45-90-180 degree Seamers









Karr's Building Supply & Service, LLC * 4939 Milwee St. Unit D * Houston, Texas 77092 * 713-263-1522
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